Merkel: False rape claim shows need for fake news wariness

" Chancellor Angela Merkel says a rapidly debunked story that a German soldier serving as part of a NATO mission in Lithuania raped a teenage girl shows the need to be vigilant about fake news. Following talks with Lithuanian Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis in Berlin, Merkel was asked about the rape claim, which was made last week in an anonymous email to a Lithuanian lawmaker and media outlets, and quickly investigated and found to be fake. read more





Populism: On the dangers of comparing every political event to Donald Trump

Main image:  A PATTERN is emerging in political journalism. Whenever something can be construed as a rejection of the establishment, or a win for authoritarianism, or a triumph for swaggering, braces-twanging bombast—or some other shift the writer does not like—the subject is ascribed to a global Trump-ite revolution. Often this comes without nuance.Take this week. On Monday responses to the election of a statist, pro-death-penalty MEP as UKIP leader obeyed the trend. “Paul Nuttall: Poundshop Trump” ran one much-sha read more

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