Daily chart: What explains today’s falling interest rates?

SOMETHING is amiss in global bond markets. This month, Sanofi, a French drugmaker, and Henkel, a German manufacturer of detergent, both issued bonds with a negative yield. Investors will make a guaranteed cash loss if they hold the assets to maturity. In July, Germany became the first euro-zone government to issue debt that promises to pay back to investors less than the sum it raised from them. More than a dozen rich-country sovereign bonds now have negative yields. The debt-laden are delighted with the persistence of low rates. But savers are increasingly grumpy. Economists are simply baffle read more


The world economy: An open and shut case

UK Only Article:  standard article Issue:  An open and shut case Fly Title:  The world economy Print section Main image:  20161001_SRD001_0.jpg Rubric:  The consensus in favour of open economies is cracking, says John O’Sullivan. Is globalisation no longer a good thing? read more


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