More Britons back tax-and-spend policy

Almost half of Britons think the Government should raise taxes and increase spending, according to a major study of social attitudes. The 48% who backed increased taxes and spending is the highest proportion to support such measures since 2004, according to the British Social Attitudes report. read more



Money talks: Podcast: The Italian bailout job

Main image:  Italy has been forced to bail out two banks at a cost of as much €17bn euros ($19 bn). Is that the end of the bleeding in Italy's financial sector? Also, as the iPhone turns ten, we look at how Apple is evolving. And Catherine Mann, Chief Economist at the OECD, tells us how to government can help workers made jobless by globalisation. Hosted by Simon Long. 20170628 11:25:26 Comment Expiry Date:  Thu read more


Merkelology 101: Gay marriage and the six rules behind Angela Merkel's political longevity

Main image:  ON SUNDAY Martin Schulz declared that he would sign no coalition agreement that did not introduce equal marriage in Germany. The Social Democrat (SPD) chancellor candidate was not alone. The Greens and the free-market Free Democrats (FDP) have made similar pledges. On “Brigitte”, a live talk show, last night Angela Merkel was asked where she stood. Germany’s chancellor had previously rejected equal marriage. In 2005 she told an interviewer: “man and wife, marriage and family, stand at the centre of our read more


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